WebEx for Chromebook

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Hello and welcome. I’m going to be showing you how to access your online class on your chrome book for Morgan Community College.

• Open your web browser.
• Go to Morgancc.edu/hub.
• Scroll down to where it says “For additional support” and click on the “online support page” link.
• Link on “to install WebEx on Chromebook” link.
• This will take you to the Google play store.
• Download the WebEx app.
• Add to browser.

Logging in
• You need a 9-digit code to enter your classroom. You can obtain this code by contacting your instructor or by contacting distance education department through the live chat.
• Enter your name. If you’re a high school student, include your high school.
• Enter your email, preferable your school email.
• Enter the meeting.

Using WebEx meeting
Take a look at the buttons at the bottom of the screen. These are your command buttons.
• Click the phone icon to connect your audio. Select “Call Using Computer”
• The icon will change to a microphone when your audio is connected. To mute yourself, click the icon.
• The camera icon allows you to show a video of yourself if you have a web camera. Select “Start Video.”
• The third button allows you see other participants in the meeting.
• The fourth button is the chat button.
• The next icon allows you to see your audio connection. Select “Change Settings” if you need to modify your audio connection
• The red X icon allows you to leave the meeting.