how to send bulk emails with bulk email server

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Guide on how to send unlimited emails using bulk email server, this guide will help you send bulk emails to inbox without spending much money buying expensive bulk email server.

In this guide, we will learn how to get bulk email server from paul jumbo store and use it to send continuous bulk emails that go to inbox.

Bulk emailing is the best and cheapest form of marketing online you can reach thousands of people on daily basis to promote your services or businesses online.

how do I get bulk email server?

Step one: go to paul jumbo store and get the bulk email server for a month or you get the test server for 5$ for days.

Get the test server for two days here

Get the bulk email server for a month here

Step Two: add your email leads and make sure your emails are fresh and clean with bulk email verifier.

Step Three: add you email contents, you can add either text emails or HTML emails and click and preview and send.

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Step Four: check your email results to check the inbox rate and also bounce rates

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