NEW Lightning LINK Theme Slot Machine Bonus's and live play Volatility check.

iSohi 1921 Videos

NEW Lightning link Potawatomi Casino
Two hold and spin bonus's
The bonus free spins have a multiplier on the diamonds however I never was able to get the bonus.
Just a new theme thought I would share.
Watch the PLAY
Towards the end of the boring dead spins there was a good comeback. Thanks for watching :)
Former Slot attendant turned into Slot Tech here.
I've spent more time around slots the last 5 years I'd like to say I have a great grasp on the one armed bandits. (5 days a week 8 hours a day for 5 years)
I've set up this Youtube channel to share my (RARE) wins and also educate others on the NEWEST AND CRAZIEST MONEY MUNCHING SLOTS AROUND.
The casinos have tightened up the slots quite a bit, it's about time people had assistance from the inside.

My adventures are usually near or around Chicagoland Casinos (Indiana mostly) however I'm known to go to Vegas once or twice a year (They give me tons free) or Michigan and Wisconsin.

Let's all go kick some slot asses!!!!