Credit cards for people with no credit

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With no credit it is not an easy to find a credit card you can be approved for. Here’s our list of the best cards for no credit or limited credit:
Best cash back card: Capital One QuickSilver One card or Platinum card. You can get up to 1.5% cash back on your purchases.
Best rewards card - Barclay Rewards card with its double rewards on gas, utilities, groceries and no annual fee.

If you are a student, you have good options from Discover with IT card, offering 5% cashback on rotating quarterly categories, or Chrome card with 2% cashback on gas and dining.

Another option is to apply for a store credit card, which are historically more loyal to people with low credit and no credit. Make sure that the card has VISA, MasterCard or AmEx logo on it, because some stores issue cards that are accepted in-store only. Choose a card that fits your spending needs - wether it is Target, Macy’s or Gap.

Secured card is the last options to consider - they are more expensive, have smaller limits and higher fees than regular credit cards. Some of good secured cards are Capital One Secured card, BankAmericard Secured card.